Yale Lock Troubleshooting Guideline: Fix Yale Now!

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Yale locks are a popular and reliable choice for securing homes and businesses, but like any other mechanical device, they can encounter problems over time. When a Yale lock malfunctions or stops working, it can be frustrating and leave you feeling vulnerable.

In this guide, we will discuss some common Yale lock issues and provide troubleshooting tips to help you diagnose and fix the problem.

Whether you are experiencing difficulty with the lock cylinder, keypad, or other parts of the lock, these tips will help you get your Yale lock working properly again.

So scroll down and get an easy fix to solve your Yale lock problem.

Yale Lock Troubleshooting Guidelines

yale lock troubleshooting

You may have trouble with your Yale Smart lock due to its low battery, connectivity troubles, pairing issues, resetting, locking/unlocking or something else. These Lock issues will become worrisome if you can’t solve them.

Before jump into this article you may check the Yale lock manual to deeply understand the following processes

Why is my yale lock not unlocking/locking?

Sometimes you may notice your entry passcode can’t lock or unlock your door. Turns out, you can’t unlock the door using 4-10 digits code. Try out our Yale lock programming for beginners since we talk about it broadly.

In Bird’s Eye View here is the troubleshooting processes

Your lock may not lock or unlock the door because

  • The batteries may run out.
  • Your entry passcode may be incorrect.
  • Depending on the buzzing number of the keypads, the lock may need to reboot or reset.
  • The yale deadbolt is jammed.
  • There may be a connecting issue on the Yale App.
  1. First, check if the batteries are worn out or not. Change or replace Yale batteries if they are dead.
  1. Check if you enter the wrong passcode. Keep this code between 4-8 digits. 

If you enter an invalid user code, you will hear one beep, and your door won’t unlock. So, enter the correct code and try again.

  1. If the keypad buzzes twice and the door won’t unlock after entering the code, this indicates the keypad doesn’t transmit any signal to the yale lock. In that case, you need to reset the lock.
  1. Before resetting your lock, you can try to reboot your lock. To do this,
Yale lock battery
  1. Remove the battery cover from the Yale lock.
  2. Take out the battery pack. 
  3. Take out all batteries at once. If needed, replace them with new batteries.
  4. Now insert the batteries again.
  5. Install the battery cover. 
  1. After that, rebooting is completed. Now try again with the entry code to unlock the door. If it fails, you need to reset the yale lock keypad.

If problem still persists then read this: Why is my Yale lock not opening from outside

How to reset Yale Lock keypad?

You can try the below steps to reset the Yale Lock keypad:

  1. Open the Yale Access App.
  2. Go to the Keypad settings option.
  3. Ensure your phone and lock are in the network range. Now click on the Disconnect Keypad icon.
  4. After clicking the disconnect keypad icon, you will get a four digits code to perform the physical reset.
  5. Key this new code into your keypad to reset the Yale lock keypad.

My Fingerprint is Not Recognized in my Yale lock: what can I do?

If your hand is dirty, or you are back from manual labor, the weather is hot, and you may be sweaty, your fingerprint may not be visible to identify in that case. 

  1. So, clean your hand as well as the recognition surface to identify your fingerprint.
  1. You must ensure to place your finger in the correct position. Otherwise, the fingerprint recognition system can’t register your identity.

My Yale lock isn’t engaging correctly

Another common problem is the Yale lock won’t engage correctly. Do you know the misalignment of the door latch and strike may be the main reason for this problem? 

If you install the Yale lock, you may face this problem.

  1. So check if the alignment is correct. If not, try to ensure the proper alignment. In that case, you can contact a professional locksmith.
  1. You may even check the door handling. Perform it correctly.

Yale lock Firmware is Not Upgrading

You should keep your yale lock firmware updated with the latest firmware. The firmware update starts automatically while the lock users connect with their yale lock. 

Yale lock Firmware is Not Upgrading

It will notify you. It only takes up to 5 to 15 minutes to complete the update.

But if the lock doesn’t update automatically, what can you do? You can perform the below instructions.

 Before it, you should keep your phone and Yale Lock within the Bluetooth range and also need to keep your Bluetooth enabled.

Yale lock Firmware is Not Upgrading
  1. Log in to the Yale View App. 
  2. Run to the preview page.
  3. Tap on the gear image from the upper right corner.
  4. Run onto the device info page. Tap on the Cloud Upgrade option to check for the new firmware.
  5. If the firmware update is available, you can install the upgrade and update the firmware.
  6. After completing the updating process, you will notice a message Updating Lock Firmware on the screen. Even you will get a successful notification for the firmware update.

Why does My yale lock keep Beeping and flashing Red LED?

Your yale lock may keep beeping with red LED flashes for different reasons. Such as:

  • The batteries are very low or worn out.
  • Your entry PIN code is incorrect.
  • Someone else may force the lock to unlock.
  • Yale may detect any tampering.

Why does the Yale lock show red light?

If your Yale lock battery is near dead or low, it shows a red LED. So if you notice this issue, you have to change your batteries. 

Keep in mind that you need to change all four batteries at once. Don’t mix old batteries with new ones and insert them.

You can try the following tips to resolve the beeping and red LED issues:

  1. Check if the batteries are low. If it is, replace it with new 4 AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. 
  1. If you repeatedly enter the wrong secret PIN code to unlock the door, the lock may beep many times and flash a red LED. So, enter the correct pin code.
  1. If you change the batteries and enter the correct passcode, but the problem persists, reset the yale lock.
  1. If someone else has forced the yale lock button to unlock the door, it may start to beep. So don’t force the Yale lock button.
  1. If the lock detects any tampering, it may self-protect and create a beeping sound. So, check if there are any tampering issues.

Yale lock battery replacement troubleshooting

You can replace Yale lock batteries with the bellowing steps.

Yale lock battery replacement
  1. Remove the battery cover from the yale lock.
  2. Take out the old batteries by holding the R button. Then insert the new 4 AA batteries.
  3. Continue holding the R button until you hear a beeping sound 12 times.
  4. Wait for only 10 seconds. You will hear a new sound. It means all codes, tags, and codes are changed. Even the master code has also been changed to 123456.

Yale locks are not working/responding after the battery change.

Do you change your battery, but even the batteries aren’t working? In that case, you must follow some things:

  1. Check if the battery polarity is wrong. If you insert the battery in the wrong polarity, the lock may not power up and work. So what can you do?
battery change
  1. Remove the battery cover from the lock.
  2. Take out the battery from the lock’s battery pack.
  3. Check the polarity is slotted in the correct position. If it is wrong, correct it. 
  4. Wait for a minute.
  5. Now insert the battery into the case.
  6. Close the lock.
  7. Now enter the code and try again to lock or unlock the door.

What do I do if The Yale lock button is not working?

You can try the below tips if your Yale lock button doesn’t work:

  1. Check if the batteries are damaged, or need to be replaced. You can replace the battery with new AA batteries.
  1. Also, check if the battery terminals need to dry or clean.
  1. If the above step doesn’t solve the issue, check if the lock button has any problem. Ensure you press the lock button correctly.
  1. Ensure the proper connectivity between the battery terminal and the lock button.
  1. Check if there is any corrosion on the battery terminal connections. It will prevent making an electrical connection to the internal components of the Yale lock. 

If you notice any oxidized and corroded terminals, any grime, or rust, remove them using wool and sandpaper. 

Then take a Q-tip or cotton and swab it into a small amount of lithium grease and apply before reattaching the batteries with their terminals. 

  1. You need to clean your battery compartment if there is any dirt. Use a soft cloth or cotton ball, dip it into alcohol, and clean the rubbish. Then try again.

What do I do if The Yale lock keypad is not working?

When your Yale lock keypad isn’t working correctly, you have to optimize a soft reset on the keypad. To do so go for

A soft reset won’t erase any memory from your lock. So you can maintain your pin code and Key fobs easily. 

To perform a soft reset, follow the below steps:

  1. Remove the cover by sliding it from the bottom of the outside door handle.
  2. You will find a little black button between the connector points. 
  3. Press this black button to do a soft reset. 
  4. Install the battery cover again.

My Yale lock app is not working

If your Yale lock App isn’t working, you can try these below steps to troubleshoot this problem:

  1. Disconnect the Yale lock from the App or account. Sometimes, you can solve this app problem by disconnecting or reconnecting from your App or Account.
  2. You can reset the lock. To do a reset,
    1. Remove the battery cover.
    2. Remove also the battery pack.
    3. Remove all batteries from the battery pack.
    4. Now, wait at least 5 seconds ( the times will vary depending on your lock system). 
    5. Now, press and hold the reset button on your Lock’s keypad or door handle until you notice green flashes.
  3. Reconnect your app or account to your door lock. 

My Yale lock doesn’t open from the outside

If you try to open your door from the outside and fail, be aware of some reasons. You can’t unlock your door from outside if

  • The Yale lock is damaged.
  • Your Yale lock latch is spoiled.
  • The Yale lock is jammed.
  • The Yale lock instalment is not correct.
  • You enter an invalid user code or use an invalid key.
  • The Yale lock contains any issues.
  1. First, remove the battery pack and replace it with new batteries.
  1. If any metal of your Yale lock is bent or worn out, you may need to repair them. If you use the Yale lock in this way without fixing this issue, you can’t open the door from the outside.
  1. Check if your Yale lock latch is spoiled or broken partially or entirely. If it is, mark the affected area and try to recover it.
  1. If your Yale lock is jammed, you can’t open your door from the outside. So try to unjam the lock to open it from the outside.
  1. Ensure you enter the correct and valid user code to unlock the door. Even the key you use is also correct. Otherwise, this user code or key can’t work to open your Yale lock from the outside.
  1. You must ensure the correct instalment of your yale lock. Ensure all elements are working correctly and securely before opening or closing the Yale lock.
  1. You have entered a code into the keypad, but it can’t open the door and buzzes twice. That means the keypad can’t offer any signal to the device. In that case, you may need to reset the Yale lock keypad.

My Yale lock is jammed

If you notice the Yale lock is jammed, maintain the following tips to unjam your Yale lock. Let’s start.

  1. Check if the deadbolt and strike panel are misaligned. If so, your yale lock seems jammed.
  2. Check if your door locks latch plate is moved freely. You may turn the latch plate to check it.
  3. Also, check if the door hinges are bent or worn out. It may be causing trouble with door alignment. 
  4. Ensure the door handling is proper. Handling may help the Yale lock not jam and extract or extend the door latch. Let’s see the handling process in the section below.

How to handle or calibrate the Yale lock?

To perform the handing process, you may follow the below steps:

  1. Install the yale lock properly.
  2. Keep your door open and the lock in the unlocked position.
  3. On the Yale lock keypad, follow the below sequence:
    1. Include the master pin. If Master code not working then troubleshoot the Mastercode
    2. Tap on the Gear/pound icon.
    3. Now press number 3. It is to access the Advanced settings.
    4. Press again the Gear icon to confirm the step.
    5. Now press the number 5.
    6. Then press the Gear icon to select the handing the lock option.
    7. Finally, to start the handling process, repress the Gear icon.
  4. If the handling process is successful, you will notice the completed message on the keypad display.
  5. If unsuccessful, keep an eye on the deadbolt latch and interior part.

The Yale lock is not closing correctly

yale lock not closing properly

Your yale lock is not closing properly due to some reasons. Let’s see the below reasons with their probable solution:

  1. If your Yale lock is jammed, you may not open or close the door with the keypad or yale App. 

You can only close it by turning your thumb inside your home. So try to unjam the Yale lock to close the door properly.

  1. Check if the deadbolt is not aligned with the strike plate on the doorframe. If so, you need to confirm the alignment between the deadbolt and the strike.
  1. You should also check if the deadbolt has stuck any dirt. Keep your door open and extend your deadbolt. Now clean it thoroughly. You can spray a graphite lubricant on the deadbolt.
  1. If this fix doesn’t solve the issue, contact a professional.

Yale locks touch screen not working

If your touch screen isn’t working, follow the below troubleshooting tips to solve the issue.

  1. Check if the battery instalment is perfect and if their polarity is correct.
  2. Check if the batteries are damaged. If so, replace them with new batteries.
  3. Ensure the touchscreen harness is not pinched and totally connected.

How to Fix my Yale Lock Screen Scratches

Your Yale door lock may be scratched over time easily. So if you notice any scratch in your door lock, you can try the below steps to fix Yale screen scratches

  1. Take a pencil eraser. Rub it over the Lock’s scratch until it vanishes.
  2. You can also use a nail failure to remove the scratches. Smoothly file away at the screen scratches until it fades.
  3. You can also take a soft cloth or cotton ball. Now wipe it over the screen scratches. Don’t use any abrasive cleansers or polishes to clean the scratches. It may further damage your lock’s screen.
  4. If the above fixes don’t work, you can use pieces of tape to cover the scratches.
  5. Are the scratches deep? You can replace the touchscreen with the help of a locksmith.

How to fix Yale lock clicking noise issue?

Yale lock clicking noise

Does your Yale Lock make a clicking noise? Why does this happen? Below are some common reasons why the lock makes a clicking noise:

  • The internal battery of your yale lock is dead.
  • Over-tighten the mounting screws.

Let’s see the steps by which you can solve the clicking noise issue with your Yale Smart lock:

  1. If you leave your Yale lock in lockout mode for an extended time, your internal battery may be affected and dead. So, you need to change the batteries with new ones if they are near death.
  1. Check if the mounting plate screws are over-tightened. To solve this problem, you need to loosen the screws. How to do it? Read below:

I write another post on my Yale lock clicking noise problem where you can find the all in one guideline to sort this out.

How to loosen the Yale lock screws?

  1. Remove the side latches and take out the lock from the mounting plate.
  2. Take a Phillips Head Screwdriver and turn half of each screw to unscrew.
  3. Waggle the mounting plate slides to confirm the lock screws are loose enough.
  4. Reinsert the Yale lock on the mounting plate.
  5. Now insert your Yale lock in the door and perform the door-handing process to learn the door’s orientation.

What do I do if the Bluetooth connection is lost in your Yale lock?

The Bluetooth connection between the Yale lock and the phone may be lost. In that case, perform the below step to back the Bluetooth connection.

  1. Keep your phone within Bluetooth range.
  2. Then Go to the settings from your phone.
  3. Run on to Bluetooth settings.
  4. Turn off the Bluetooth.
  5. Keep waiting for 30 seconds in this state.
  6. Then turn on the Bluetooth again.

How to fix the Issues Scanning the QR Code?

If you connect the latest Yale lock model, you need to scan the QR code from your phone App. 

But if you experience some issues with the scanning process, you can perform the below steps:

  1. First, you can reset the mobile app to solve the problem.
  1. If it doesn’t fix the problem, you can use your serial number and skip the scanning process.
  1. Check your lock serial number. Enter the number in your phone app. Then follow the prompts in-App and set your Yale Smart lock.
  1. If you couldn’t find the location of the QR code, you can click on the “Help me find the QR code” option. Then the mobile app will notify you where the code is depending on your Yale lock model number.

Yale lock flashing odd numbers

Your Yale lock may be flashing odd numbers(1,3,5,7,9) if the lock is jammed. It means the Yale lock deadbolt can’t extend or retract, and you need to perform the handling properly. 

Another reason is the Yale lock’s motor is malfunctioning.

  1. If your Yale lock is jammed, try to unjam it. To do so, you can use a screwdriver or coin to manually loosen the screws as the over-tightened screws may be the cause for jamming.
  1. Perform the door handling properly to unjam the lock.
  1. If the problem persists, you can replace the Yale lock with a new one.
  1. If the problem still doesn’t fix, you need to change the lock’s entire assembly.

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