A Guide to Yale lock manual installation

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The Yale Lock installation process is not more difficult. Just follow our guide below and try them carefully. You can successfully set up and install your lock.

Here we include several installation guides for the different models of Yale locks. We know there are available various models of the Yale lock in the marketplace. 

Among these, Yale Assure Lock and Nest Yale lock are the most popular used models.

From the below section, we will learn the installation process of these Yale locks. Let’s scroll slowly to read attentively:

Nest × Yale Lock manual: installation instructions

Nest x Yale lock is the most used model of Yale lock. Its features and quality make it unique to the users. It uses Nest Connect or Nest Guard to connect your Nest App and Wi-Fi.

Anyway, what will you learn from this section? Let’s see:

  • You will remove your old lock.
  • You will know the door measurement.
  • You will get the entire process of installation.
  • You can test the Nest Yale lock.
  • You will learn the Yale lock programming.

Anyway, its installation process is easy to perform. Follow the below step carefully to install the lock to your door:

Before getting started, ensure the following things:

What instrument do you need?

Before starting the installation process, look at some instruments you need to install. 

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • Phillips bit
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Chisel
required tools for yale lock installation

You must have the other Nest product:

  • A Nest Connect and
  • Nest guard.
nest product

To set up a Nest App, you might also need below things:

  • A compatible phone or tablet
  • Your handy wifi Password

You also need the below products to get started on the installation process:

  • Nest × Yale Lock
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Mounting screws
  • Installation key
  • Installation manual

Your nest yale installation manual contains a template to measure your door.

The Nest x Yale Lock installation instructions

Step 1: Prepare your door and check the measurement

Remove the old lock

Open your door. If you already have an existing door lock, you need to remove it. So, unscrew the screws that hold in place the lock and remove the deadbolt.

remove the lock

Note: If possible, don’t use an electric drill. It may scratch or damage the door. So owing to this problem, you can use a flathead screwdriver. 

Check the measurement

Now, double-check your door measurement and dimensions. Measure to confirm:

  • The Door thickness is 1 ⅜ inch or 1 ¾ inch.
  • The Cross boreholes should be 2 ⅛ inch in diameter.
  • The edge boreholes’ diameter will be 1 inch.
  • The Backset should be 2 ⅜ inch or 2 ¾ inch.

See the below image to know the measurement of your existing door.

nest yale lock installation

Step 2: Prepare the new door and frame

If the above measurement isn’t suitable for your existing door, you need to cut the frame as required.

If you want to adjust your existing door or prepare it for a New Door, you can see the below image to know the proper measurement.

adjust with the new door

Even, you can check the lock manual properly and ensure the measurement.

Step 2:Install the deadbolt:

  1. Take out the existing deadbolt cylinder and place a new deadbolt. You can use a screwdriver or drill to do it.
  2. Adjust the deadbolt length to fit with the door before inserting it. Confirm the deadbolt is retracted. 
install the deadbolt
  1. Then insert the deadbolt and secure it with the screws. Confirm it’s facing is correct.
  2. You may now test how it’s functioning. So, insert a key and turn it.

Step 3: Install the strike plate

Now it’s the turn to install the strike plate. In that case, you must ensure to use the new strike plate. You can use this plate that you have with the lock.

Then place it into the door frame with the provided screws. Ensure the strike plate’s level vertically and horizontally and its hole lines up with your deadbolt. Then tighten the screws.

install the strike plate

Step 4: Install the keypad on the door outside:

Before installing the keypad, find out the specific spot where you may want to install it.

  1. Keep the deadbolt in the unlocked or retracted position.
  2. Now insert the exterior keypad by running the cable through the door hole.
  3. The mechanism orientation should be horizontal.
horizontal mechanism

Step 5: Install the interior mounting plate

  1. Pull out the mounting plate from the back of the lock.
  2. Then pull out the battery cover using the included key on the deadbolt’s hole.
pull out the battery cover
  1. Go the cable through the mounting plate hole. Now push the mounting plate pins through the deadbolt’s hole.

Secure the mounting plate using the proper length for the door. Ensure the screws are not over-tightened.

secure the mounting plate

Step 6: Attaching the cable

  1. Plug the cable into the connector of the lock. Confirm to pair the lock cable to the black mark.
  2. Secure the cable in hooks to keep it in place.

Step 7: Installing inside lock:

  • Put the spindle through the mounting plate hole and set the lock underneath the mounting plate.
  • Then press down smoothly so that all four screw holes can line up with their related screws from the inside part.
  • Screw the lock into the mounting plate by using two small black bolts. Confirm it is not over-tightened.

Test the Nest Yale lock:

Test if the lock is working correctly:

Keep your door once open and close. Turn the interior thumb several times. Check if the bolt is freely and easily retracted and extended. 

If you find any problem, remove your lock. Check if the deadbolt and installation process has any errors.

close lock and check bolt

Install the batteries/calibrate the lock:

install the battery
  1. Keep your door closed and unlocked before installing the batteries. Otherwise, the calibration process may not occur if it is locked.
  1. Put the 4 AA batteries in your Yale lock battery compartment. You will notice the lock will turn on and provide the Nest Greetings.
  1. Now the locks start to calibrate after the battery installment.
  1. Don’t cover up the battery if you want to connect the lock with your Nest App. If not, insert the battery cover to complete the Nest x Yale Lock installation. 
don't cover the battery

The installation of your Nest x Yale lock is complete!!

Factory reset on the Nest x Yale Lock default settings

If you perform a factory reset on your lock, it will erase all user codes and master codes from the Lock. Then you can again program the settings.

Here we will describe the process of factory resetting a Nest x Yale Lock:

  1. Keep your door open.
  2. Take out the battery cover and battery pack from the lock.
  3. Remove all four batteries at once.
  4. Access the reset button by removing the inside of the lock.
  5. You will find the reset button on the left side of the PCB cable connector.
  6. Keep pressing the reset button only for three seconds and reinstall the batteries. Release the reset button. You will notice the Lock reacts with “Hi from Yale and Nest”.
  7. Reinsert the battery cover.
reinsert the battery cover

That’s it! Your Nest x Yale Lock is installed and programmed. You can now start to use your lock.

Yale Assure and Assure SL lock installations instructions: a step-by-step guide

Before starting the process, you should check your door measurement and prepare the door.

Step 1: Prepare and check the door measurement:

Remove the old door knob or lever:

  • Open the door. If you already have a door knob or lever, remove it from the door. You can use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of your door knob.
  • Take out the strike plate and deadbolt latch.
take out the strike plate deadbolt latch

Check the measurement and dimensions:

Double-check your door measurement and prepare it well for the new Yale assure lock. Check the door installation envelope to find the door checker section. 

From here, check the door guide and verify if the measurement is correct or needs an adjustment.

check the door guide

If you prepare the new door or adjust with the existing door, open the installation envelope and get the new door marking template.

adjust it with the door

Measure to ensure:

  • The door thickness is within 1 ¾ or 2 ¼ inches.
  • The Cross borehole’s diameter is 2 ⅛ inch.
  • The edge boreholes should be 1 inch in diameter
  • The Backset is within 2 ⅜ inches and 2 ¾ inches.

Note: If your door lock doesn’t fulfill the above measurement, you may need to drill your door again after removing the existing lock strike and deadbolt latch to adjust.

Step 2: Installing your new strike plate and latch bolt

  • Now take a new latch bolt and install it on your door. Ensure the backset is 2 ⅜ inch(6o mm) and 2 ¾ inch(70 mm).
strike plate installation
  • Ensure the latch bolt arrow is pointing up.
latch bolt arrow
  • Use the provided two screws of the strike plate to fix the deadbolt. 
fix the deadbolt
  • Confirm the door bolt is in the unlocked or retracted position, and the spindle up is in the horizontal position.
door bolt

Note: If you have a double-sided lock, you will need to install the latch bolt on both sides of your door entry.

Step 3: Installing the touchscreen keypad

Now take an external keypad lock. Install it so that it can flush with your door. 

  • Confirm to feed the keypad cable under the latch.
  • Keep the ‘Top’ pattern vertically on the top place and the tailpiece. If the orientation is wrong, the lock won’t work.

Step 4: Install the internal mounting plate

  • Now take out the battery cover and the mounting plate from the internal of the lock simply. Then feed the cable through the mounting plate.
install the internal mounting plate
  • Then fix the two through bolt screws to the mounting plate. Confirm the mounting plate and the keypad are straight.  
  • Then tighten the screws. Don’t over-tighten them.
tighten the screw

Step 5: Attaching the cable assembly

  • Holds the internal assembly up to the door. Plug the cable into the white connector. You can use a cable hook. It will secure proper cable routing.
  • Ensure the lock cables are secure and fit under the hook.
fit the hook

Step 6: Install the inside lock

Before starting, you should match there are multiple holes in your door. 

  1. Ensure the internal thumb turn is unlocked and hold the interior assembly up to the mounting plate.
ensure internal thumb turn on
  1. Secure the internal assembly using a provided screw to the mounting plate.

During that time, you should match each hole you have drilled in your door with its related hole while installing a new door lock.

secure the internal assembly

If you ever come to see the screen scratches after using then read- how to fix yale screen scratches

Step 7: Install the cylinder( if have one)

If you have a cylinder with your lock, you need to install it in this step. To do this,

  1. Install it on one side of the door frame.
  2. Confirm the cylinder is perfectly aligned with its perspective spindle.
  3. You should install it with a bar away from the door latch.
  4. You must slide the Cylinder Tailpiece(YRL216) into the vertical space.

Step 8: Install the outside lever(if have one)

install the outside lever

If it’s applicable, you can install the outside lever on both sides of the door frame. To do so, it may latch enough when the door is closed.

To prevent damage, push on the pin while installing this outside level.

Step 9: Install the inside lever

Now install your Yale Assure Lever. To do it,

  1. Ensure it is suited with at least 5 mm exposed beyond your door edge.
  2. Place the lever into the mortise hole.
  3. Secure it with the provided screws on the package. Confirm the screws are tight enough. When you lock or unlock the door, it will avoid rotation.

Step 10: Test the lock operation 

After installing the outside and inside levers, test the mechanical operation of the lock.

To do it, Test the thumb-turn and Key operation. 

Test thumb-turn operation: 

Keep your door open. Turn the thumb-turn in both the locked and unlocked positions of the door. Rotate it on its spindle, and the bolt should be fully retracted.

If it is not, loosen or tighten the screws and adjust the tension in the Yale Assure lock cylinder. Now, try again.

Test Key operation:
  1. Keep your door open.
  2. Place your Yale Assure lock Key into the cylinder hole.
  3. Now turn the Key right at 90 degrees and press the outside handle down.
  4. Now check if the operation can unlock/open your door.

Step 11: Install the Yale Smart Module

Do you have a Smart module with your provided lock? If yes, you may need to install it in your Yale Lock. To do this,

  1. Remove the battery cover and batteries.
  2. Now insert the Smart Module into its respective space on the keypad.

Step 12: Insert the batteries and cover

  1. Now, you need to insert the provided  4 AA batteries into the battery pack. Ensure the correct polarity of the batteries. If all is good, you will hear a welcome message.
  1. Now, put the battery cover on and tighten the screws.

Just it. The installment of the Yale Assure touchscreen deadbolt is completed successfully. Now it’s the turn to program the lock. 

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