How to Fix a Kwikset Halo jammed Smart Lock

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How to fix kwikset halo jammed

Last updated on June 23rd, 2023 at 02:41 pm

Kwikset Halo jammed issue oftentimes caused by improper installation. You need to come across Kwikset lock manual installation first. Afterwards my step by step guideline in this article will make a breeze.

With my help, you’ll be able to get your smart lock back in working order quickly and efficiently.

Kwikset halo jammed problem fixed!

Among many problems during Kwikset halo troubleshooting, Kwikset halo lock jammed problem is noteworthy. Here is why I seperately write a blog post on it. No worries, I will let you know how to solve it rightaway!

Diagnose the Problem Before you begin

it’s essential to diagnose the problem to ensure that you’re dealing with a jammed lock. The Kwikset Halo lock may jam for a variety of reasons, such as a deadbolt obstruction or misaligned strike plate.

Check for Obstructions

Ensure that there are no obstructions preventing the deadbolt from moving smoothly. You can do this by visually inspecting the area around the deadbolt and strike plate for any debris or misaligned parts. (screenshot)

Test the Deadbolt

Manually extend and retract the deadbolt using the thumb turn or key to determine if the jamming issue is with the lock mechanism itself.

Resolve technical glithces

If the lock mechanism appears to be functioning correctly, try power cycling the lock.

This simple step can often resolve minor technical glitches.

Remove the Battery Cover

Locate the battery cover on the interior side of the lock and remove it by sliding it upward.

Disconnect the Batteries

Remove the batteries from the lock, wait for about 30 seconds, and then reinsert them. This will reset the lock’s internal system.

Meanwhile, you can check whether Halo lock battery drains or not

Test the Lock

After reinserting the batteries, try locking and unlocking the door using your smartphone or the lock’s keypad. If the jamming issue persists, replace the batteries and again test the lock.

By the way, I have write another blog post where I told how to fix when

Kwikset lock not working after battery change and you may find it handy too!

Adjust the Strike Plate

strike plate alignment

A misaligned strike plate can cause the deadbolt to jam.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to adjust the strike plate’s position.

Loosen the Screws

Using a screwdriver, slightly loosen the screws on the strike plate.

Adjust the Strike Plate

Shift the strike plate up or down, left or right, until it is correctly aligned with the deadbolt. You may need to make small adjustments and test the lock repeatedly until you find the optimal position.

Tighten the Screws

Once the strike plate is correctly aligned, tighten the screws to secure it in place.

Reset the lock

If your lock is still jammed after addressing any obstructions or misalignment, try performing a Kwikset halo factory reset.

This can sometimes resolve issues related to the lock’s software.

To do this:

Remove the lock’s interior cover.

Locate the small “Program” button on the interior assembly.

Programming instruction

Press and hold the “Program” button while reinserting the battery pack. The lock will beep and the status LED will flash red and green.

If you are having issue with the beeping read this troubleshooting for kwikset beeping issue

Release the “Program” button when the LED flashes green.

4.6:. Perform the door handing process to re-orient the lock’s motor correctly.

Update firmware

Make sure your Kwikset Halo Smart Lock is running the latest firmware. Check the Kwikset app or website for firmware updates and follow the instructions to update your lock.


A jammed Kwikset Halo smart lock can be frustrating, but with the right approach, it’s a fixable issue. Follow the steps in this guide to diagnose and resolve the problem, and you’ll have your lock functioning smoothly again in no time. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kwikset customer support for assistance.

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