Kwikset 888 installation manual Explanation

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Kwikset 888 installation manual

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 09:15 pm

The Kwikset 888 Lock is a Z-Wave Plus Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt. It supports Z-wave technology, has an auto-locking feature, and has a BHMA grade 3 certificate. 

Kwikset 888 installation manual

Anyway, you can read the instruction from the manufacturer’s manual for the lock. In this article, we also describe Kwikset 888 manual that will teach you how to install it in detail. 

So dive in below to get the proper manual and instructions.

Kwikset 888 installation instructions

The installation process of the Kwikset 888 lock may include the below steps. But before starting, let’s see some tools that you need to collect.

Kwikset 888 installation required tools picture
  • A Phillips head screwdriver: 

You may notice some cross-shaped screws in the lock, and you need the tools in that case to install it.

  • Ruler: 

It will help you measure while installing the lock correctly. You may also use a tape measure. 

Yet, you may need some extra tools depending on your application through the installation process.


It will be used to take out an inner panel(if available).


You can use a wood block as a protector if you have a hardwood floor. To remove any scratches, you can use it underneath the door.

See the image below to know about the parts in the box.

If you have all the necessary tools, move on to the installation process.

How to install a Kwikset 888 Smart deadbolt?

Before starting, read thoroughly the manufacturer’s instructions to get basic knowledge. Then follow our instructions below and complete the installation.

Step 1: Prepare your door

It will be your first step to prepare your door. To do this, check if there exist any mounting hardware and deadbolt. If yes, remove it to make a place for installation.

You can use a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the screws that hold the Kwikset lock in place. 

Then clean and remove any dirt from the deadbolt area to get a perfect place for installation.

the deadbolt area

Step 2: Check the door dimensions

Ensure the sizes and measurements of the lock hole, backseat, door thickness, and door edge hole are correct. The measurement is:

  1. Measure to confirm the hole in the door is either 2-⅛ or 1-½(54 mm or 38 mm) inches wide.
  2. Measure to confirm the door backset is either 2-⅜” or 2-¾”(60 mm or 70 mm) wide.
  3. Ensure the door edge hole is 1 inch (25 mm).
  4. Measure to ensure the door thickness is either 1-⅜ or 2 inches (35 mm or 51 mm).
the door latch area

Step 3: Install the latch and strike plate 

  1. Hold the latch bolt in front of the door hole and keep the latch face flush against the edge of your door.
latch bolt picture of kwikset 888
  1. Check if the door edge is chiseled. If yes, use latch A and extend your latch bolt if it is not extended.

If not, use the B latch and similarly extend the latch bolt if it is not retracted or extended.

To do this, follow the below image.

latch bolt installation infography
  1. Now check if the D-shaped hole is in the centered position. When the hole is centered, there is no need to adjust the latch bolt.

But if it is not centered, adjust it by extending the latch face. Show the image below.

latch bolt installation infography
  1. Now install the strike plate on your door frame. Ensure the door hole in your door frame is at least 1 inch.
strike plate installation manual
  1. Secure the strike plate on the provided screws. You can use a drill driver or screw gun to secure the screws in place tightly. Don’t over-tighten them.

Step 4: Install the exterior keypad

  1. Do you have an external handle? If yes, install it onto the mounting plate. To do it, insert one end part into its mounting plate and another on the door. 

Now twist them so they can flush with each other. Then tighten the screws with a supplied wrench.

  1. Now go to the next part to install the exterior keypad and mounting plate. See the image below to get the instructions.
Kwikset 888 exterior keypad installation manual
  1. Now test the latch to insert the key. Is the latch bolt retracted or extended? If yes, no adjustment is needed. If not, adjust these screws.
  1. Then take out the key and confirm the latch bolt is completely retracted.

Step 5: Install the interior assembly

  1. Take out the battery cover and the battery pack from the internal assemblage.
Kwikset 888 Install the interior assembly
  1. Install the internal assembly onto the mounting plate by connecting the cable correctly and tightly.
  1. Keep the extra wire flat under the internal housing. Then secure it, and don’t overtighten the screws.
Kwikset 888 installation manual

Step 6: Install the provided batteries

  1. Now install standard 4 AA batteries in the battery pack. Confirm the correct polarity of the batteries.
  1. Keep your door open and insert the battery pack again into the battery compartment. Now slide the battery pack down to keep it in place.
setup the battery pack

Step 7: Execute the door-handing process:

Once you have installed the batteries, the latch bolt will extend and retract to observe the door’s orientation. 

It is known as the door-handing process, and essential to operate the lock correctly.

If you notice the LED is flashing green, the process is successful. If it is still solid red, the process is unsuccessful.

So if unsuccessful, the door latch won’t retract on its own. In that case, confirm the correct cable connection and the battery installment. Then try this process again.

If it remains unsuccessful, execute the door-handing process again.

Step 8: Add the lock to the Smart Home System

As the Kwikset 888 deadbolt supports the Z wave system, you can add your lock to your Smart Home System in this step. Follow the below image to get the instructions:

Step 9: Add the user codes (max 30)

You can add or remove the user code through the Smart Home Management System. 

But if the system doesn’t do it, all codes will be added directly to your lock. Let’s get into the process:

  1. Keep your door open. Push once on the program button.
  1. Typer your user code. You can program a total of 30 user codes.
  1. Press again the lock button a single time.
  1. Notice the lights and sounds the lock emits. Programming is successful if the lock button flashes green and beeps for once.
kwikset lock button is green once with the beep
  1. It is unsuccessful if it flashes red three times and beeps three times. If unsuccessful, check if the code is duplicated. Use 4 to 8 digits user codes.
lock button flashes with time

Step 10: Test the lock

To test the locking and unlocking operation of your door lock,

  • Push on the lock button a single time to lock the door.
  • Type your user codes to unlock the door.

Step 11: Rekey the lock if needed

In this step, rekey your lock by following our rekeying process. The Kwikset 888 lock has a SmartKey feature, so the rekeying process will be the same.

rekey the lock while needed

Step 12: Install the interior cover

See the image below to get some information about an interior cover.

interior cover installation

Install the cover

  1. Install the as shown below image.
cover installation
  1. Now secure it with the provided screws.
screw installation
  1. Install the battery pack into the battery compartment.
battery compartment


Do you have any questions about the Kwikset 888 manual? We hope this article has provided a better guide on the Kwikset 888 manual with its installation. 

You can carefully follow and perform the above steps to install successfully.

But if then any steps are confusing, and you don’t get it, comment below. Or you can contact a professional to get proper help.

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