Hugolog smart lock change code Guideline

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hugolog smart lock change code

Hugolog Smart Lock is a dependable and smart option for securing your smart home.  

It not only provides excellent security, but also allows for code customisation. 

It enables users to modify the master code and create individual user codes. Anyway, here’s how to alter the code on the Hugolog JU02 Smart Lock.

  • Press the Hugolog button twice to alter the code.
  • Input the default master code (12345678) and then confirm by hitting the button again.
  • Enter the new master pin and confirm.
  • Confirm the new pin and click the button.
  • Test the lock with the new master pin to ensure its operation.

In this article, we’ll go over the exact steps for changing the Hugolog smart lock code, adding user codes, and troubleshooting common problems.

How do I change Hugolog smart lock code

Hugolog smart lock change code

When changing your lock’s code, be sure to change the master code at first before adding a new user code.

Changing the master pin on your Hugolog Smart Lock improves security because it works as the lock’s access gateway.

The procedure is simple, and we will guide you through it.

The default master code, 12345678, is a decent starting point, however for further protection, it’s best to customise it.

Step 1: Begin the Changing Procedure

Find the multi-function button on the lock. It is typically marked by the Hugolog logo. Press it two times to begin the changing procedure.

Step 2: Enter the default master pin

Your Hugolog Smart Lock has a starting pin of 12345678. To change it, press the multi-function button after entering the default pin, like telling your lock it’s time for an update. This pin is like a welcome mat, starting the process of making your smart lock more secure.

Step 3: Enter the new master pin.

This is the place where you may put your unique touch. Enter your new master pin and press the multifunction button to confirm. Choose a pin that is easy to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Step 4: Verification.

To make sure the change stays, repeat it again. Input your new master pin once more and push the multifunction button.

Step 5: Testing

Now, it’s time for the big reveal. Test your recently updated master pin to make sure the lock smoothly follows your instructions for both locking and unlocking. Consider this your triumphant confirmation that your security has been successfully boosted.

After updating the master code, proceed with the following steps to add a user code:

Adding User Codes

Start with the steps: Press the multifunction button twice, just like you would when replacing your master pin.

  1. Input your current master pin, then confirm the entry by pressing the multifunction button.
  2. Pick out a user slot by pushing the corresponding number; for instance, Press ‘2’ to get the second user code.
  1. Confirm the addition of the new user code by re-entering it and pressing the multi-function button.
  1. Re-input the new user code and push the multi-function button. This step certifies adding of the new user code.
  1. To assure a successful unlock, verify the new user code.

Downloading and Deleting User Codes

Maintaining control over your smart lock’s user access, whether granting temporary entry or revoking it, is made simple by Hugolog.

Downloading user codes:

  1. Push the multi-function button.
  2. Enter your master pin.
  3. Push the multi-function button and select ‘3’ for downloading.
  4. Tap the user code you want to recover.
  5. Hit the multifunction button to finish the download.

Deleting user codes

  1. Push the multi-function button.
  2. Input your master pin.
  3. Hit the multi-function button and choose ‘3’ for removal.
  4. Pick the user code you wish to eliminate.
  5. Press the multi-function button to affirm the deletion. 

Troubleshoot Hugolog smart lock code changing

Despite the advanced technology in the Hugolog JU02 Smart Lock, occasional issues may arise, so sometimes you can’t change Hugolog code from outside or inside the home.

Lock not responding to codes

  1. Confirm that the lock is properly setup and positioned.
  2. Ensure that the batteries are properly installed and charged.
  3. Check for any physical obstacles to the lock’s system.

Error during master pin or user code change

  1. Check the order and correctness of your inputs.
  2. Before you make any modifications, make sure you’re in programming mode.
  3. Reset the lock using the included reset tool abide by the installation instructions.

 Wrapping up

To handle your home security, you may need to modify the master code and create new user codes. Customising your access codes, guarantees that only trustworthy persons have access to your property. So, just a few moments, perform these easy procedures, and have a piece of mind with a properly updated Hugolog Smart Lock. Your security should adapt to the constantly changing technology landscape.

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